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Hey there, slick!  It’s your ol’ buddy Joe, back in the saddle and ready to rock n’ roll ‘til the sun comes up.  Think he would stay the basement forever?  Come on, man, that ain’t how Uncle Joe rolls!  Soon as he heard sweet Lady America needed her main man, he threw on his best duds, fired up the Trans-Am and came runnin’, cranking the Dokken and crushin’ tall boys the whole damn way.   ‘Diamond’ Joe’s back in the driver’s seat, jack, and he’s riding this mother all the way to TJ and back!

 ‘Diamond’ Joe don’t go nowhere without:

  • Lucky leather jacket, zipped down to give that shag-thick chest hair a chance to breathe. Gives the ladies a show and lets the musk flow!
  • Leather pants ‘cause Joe’s the chief executive of ROCK
  • Double-sided face with a ‘grit-eatin’ shin’ (if you know what he’s sayin’) for his daily grind and a tongue-wagging wild side for when the party REALLY starts. ‘Course both sides have Joe rocking his signature aviators.
  • Skin Mag: some spicy vixens to heat up those lonely nights on the campaign trail
  • Ice Cream: cause only one thing Joe loves more than the ladies, hard rock, or a cherry ride, and that’s two scopes of heaven served in waffle cone
  • Gold BrickArms Butterfly Knife so Joe’s ready for any bad hombres that try to cross him

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