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Nova Blaster Pack

Galactic warfare goes supernova with the explosive weaponry included in the BrickArms Nova Blaster Pack!  From compact but deadly blast pistols to powerful, accurate sniper rifles and deadly energy blades, this pack contains a great assortment of custom accessories to start any war across the stars!

Pack includes:

  • A360 Blast Sniper Rifle
  • E-24DT with removable magazine
  • DC-17M with removable magazine
  • MK-M Blast Sniper Rifle
  • RT-97C Heavy Blast Rifle with removable magazine and scope
  • E-11 V2 with removable magazine
  • A350 Blast Rifle
  • Dark Blade
  • GKS-2 Blast Pistol
  • RK-3 Blast Pistol
  • EL-16HFE Blast Rifle
  • Marshall Rifle
  • Marshall Pistol
  • DL-18 Blast Pistol
  • Westar-35R Blast Pistol
  • Glie-44 Blast Pistol
  • Tracker Fob
  • GF-3556 Blast Pistol
  • GKS-1 Blast Pistol
  • DH-426 Scatter Blast Cannon

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