Specter: Rio De Janeiro

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Amidst the greenery of the hills of Rio De janeiro, there is a soldier is is true to his cause. Specter finds his way to defending one of the CIA outposts where someone was trying to crack the system and get a list of operatives and their where abouts. Little did he know specter was already on his case and watched him every step of the way.

He sprung into action and got his captive… and upgraded his look in the process.

Specter V2.2 is pad printed. The Legs have 360 Degree printing (first in class). he also comes with printed bone hands. His accessories include BrickArms m16 agl variant and combat knife

Specter V2.2 is a custom Lego Minifigure that was designed and developed by eclipseGrafx Inc.

8 reviews for Specter: Rio De Janeiro

  1. Eirik Barba-Ayala

    The quality of this minifig is far better than expected but when it comes to EclipseGrafx that’s always something that’s provided with such excellence

  2. legotacticalbricks (verified owner)

    Great custom minifig by Eclipsegrafx. Nice details and amazing quality.

  3. Jacob

    Great print quality! I love him!

  4. Anonymous

    Best minifigure, the return of specter but with a new look! I’ll admit though that this minifigure does sell out quick and is a hot buy! Worth paying and having the best custom minifigures at EclipseGrafx.

  5. Anonymous

    This Specter figure one of the best figures available by Eclipsegrafx! It features the best 360 degree digital printing! This figure is a must have!

  6. Jonathan H.

    I loved this little guy as soon as I saw him on Flikr, took a little while until Victor had them up on the site, but I knew I had to have one.
    Looks like my decision not to wait was the right one as he sold out very quickly and like all EG stuff may take a while before he is restocked, when he does become available GET ONE, you will not be sorry.

  7. Black Sun Customs

    The fig is excellent. It might even be Vic’s best fig to date! The parts are very well printed, and there are a lot of options for combos. I think that we will see a lot of combo figs popping up using this fig’s parts. Excellent 5 STAR fig =)

  8. Anonymous

    This figure has printing ALL over the figure, from the arms, hands, legs, ect. THIS IS GOTTA BE VICTOR’s best work! This figure has SOO much detail into it, it even has a printed holster on it’s right leg! A must have if you already owned the previous specter from GIBRICK.

    Sadly, this Specter has no card with Specter’s stats like the former specter does :(, hopefully Victor (EclipseGrapfx) would consider one in the future 🙂

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