Space Naval Officer

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Serving aboard mighty frigates and supercarriers, the Space Naval Officer commands respect from his peers.  The Space Naval Officer has learned to perform all his duties to the best of his ability and knows when to ask his superiors for help.

-The Space Naval Officer has a double sided pad printed torso and waist, pad printed arms, and full pad printing on the legs.
-The figure also comes with a special custom painted and sealed BrickForge hat.

4 reviews for Space Naval Officer

  1. Anonymous

    Cool figure. I like the printing on the arms and it’s pretty accurate to the source matierial. The detail isn’t that impressive and the prints are pretty simple, but cleanly executed and nice looking none the less.

  2. ALoneWookie

    this figure really is a must have for any halo-lego fan out there. love the arm printing

  3. =FrostyBrick= Flickr

    I got mine for my birthday and I love it 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Well this looks like a good figure withvalot of different uses.=D

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