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Lazerbeam, captain of the GrafX-Squad  is the first in a new line of eclipseGrafx products.   With his quick reflexes and sharp thinking he always brings everyone back from missions.  A genetic mutant, Lazerbeam emits a powerful energy beam from his eyes.  Selfless, self-disciplined, and ethical, he also possesses tremendous leadership abilities, and great tactical and strategic skills.

Lazerbeam  has a 360 degree pad printed torso, legs and waist.  He also has pad printed muscle arms and a pad printed face.

6 reviews for Lazer Beam

  1. BS

    I simply fell in love with this minifig when i first laid eyes on it. I just ordered one, and i feel that he will fit in just right with my other marvel minifigs

  2. Your review is awaiting approval

    Its cyclops god damn it!

  3. Jake

    This minifigure looks great! But I haven’t purchase it. And let me tell you why. Because in this case the minifigure is just too much. I would have it for at least $25 than just $30 Thank you for support and please change the price eclipseGRAFX

  4. Matt

    this piece is a fantastic addition to any collection not only does it fit beautifully in with Lego’s official wolverine the extra detail, that wraps around the body as well as the arm decals takes it in my opinion above and beyond any official figure

  5. exobrick

    I just got Victor´s custom printed Lazer Beam minifig and it is superb. The design and the print quality are outstanding, as expected! It is definitely worth the price and you won´t regret if you plan to buy one…

  6. Cmorgenweck

    This is incredible! The printing is top notch. It left me speechless. I love this fig and it is my #1 favorite custom minifig of all time….

  7. K. Swan

    This is one of the best custom printed minifigures I’ve come across. I’ve seen similar figures with less printing go for much, much more than this on eBay. At $30 this is a steal. If you’re a fan of the super hero theme this may be your only shot at Cyclo…I mean Lazer Beam in minifigure form.

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