Grid Iron

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SKU: 196 Categories: , Brand:

EclipseGrafx strives to bring innovation in figures to the next level. With the introduction of our Grid Iron figure, we are happy to introduce the first figure printed with a Photoluminescent Ink.

The figure will glow for a short period of time after being charged with natural light, and will glow bright when charged using an ultraviolet black light.

Grid Iron features Custom Accessories designed and provided by Clone Army Customs, not available anywhere else.

Grid Iron is currently available with Blue, Orange, or Yellow printing.

2 reviews for Grid Iron

  1. bloodwerth

    What a stellar minifigure, and a great addition to my collection of grid iron suits. Now it’s time to save up and buy the two other colors before the stock dries up.

  2. Mathew

    As always a high quality design and top notch printing… EclipseGrafX is running the customization game

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