Brickboy Advance

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SKU: Brickboy Advance Categories: , , Brand:

The brickboy advanced is the successor to the original brickboy and is still great for gaming at home or on the go!

The Brickboy Advanced sports a much large screen and a higher range of colors, allowing for a more immersive game play experience. The Brickboy Advance also has backwards compatibility; so you don’t have to worry about your old Brickboy games not working on the Brickboy Advanced.

Our Brickboy Advanced Systems come in a wide range of colors just like the original Brickboy.

Our Brickboy Advance is digitally printed onto official lego parts making it perfect for both play and display. Please note that the Brickboy Advanced Does not actually play video games.

1 review for Brickboy Advance

  1. niczaz58

    A beautiful piece and really well done! Now my Lego people can expierience true gaming bliss

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