Our Story

For Fans, By a Fan!

EclipseGRAFX is a small business that produces custom-printed LEGO bricks, custom minifigures, and other custom LEGO kits. The company was founded, owned and operated by Victor Fernandez – a lifelong fan of LEGO bricks and minifigures.

Fernandez started using his design talents and skills to create custom LEGO parts over 10 years ago, and after designing new products for other vendors, Victor decided to start EclipseGRAFX to share his work directly with other fans of LEGO, especially custom elements like minifigure accessories and custom-designed and printed minifigures.

Quality LEGO Fans Can Trust

All EclipseGRAFX products are produced using only the most high-quality methods and are carefully evaluated and tested before being added to our storefront. As LEGO® enthusiasts ourselves, we share the high “Only the best is good enough” standard that LEGO holds for its products. We will only sell those minifigures, custom printed bricks, minifig accessories, and building kits that we ourselves would be excited to own, play with, and display.

Never Resting, Always Improving

Here at EclipseGRAFX, we use a wide variety of techniques and skills to produce the best products possible. Our methods of design and production are constantly evolving as we expand the potential of LEGO-inspired design, always searching for new and exciting ways to create new custom LEGO elements. We pour our love and dedication into our products and know you will love what we create as much as we do!

We Help Build Dreams

EclipseGRAFX not only offers custom LEGO parts that feature our own designs, but we can let other builders turn their custom-printed dreams into reality with our custom LEGO brick and minifigure printing service. Click the link below to learn more about this amazing service we’re excited to offer builders of all ages!

Proud Member of the LEGO Custom Community

EclipseGRAFX is proud part of the dynamic LEGO® custom community, and we often closely collaborate with other third-party vendors to offer builders the best custom parts possible.

This includes custom accessories that meet our own high standards of quality, as included with our custom minifigures and kits as well as for individual purchase.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a custom LEGO project, please contact us via our custom LEGO printing services page.

The Theme Is Fun

As fans of LEGO, one key principle guides what custom minifigures and bricks we produce: what we’d like to play with! EclipseGRAFX produces custom printed minifigures, bricks, and custom minifig accessories across many popular themes, from modern combat, Star Wars, popular films and TV shows, and everyday goofy life. We make the parts we’d like to build and play with and hope to offer something for every builder looking to add something special to their LEGO building.
Seeing is Believing.

Check out the video below featuring custom LEGO minifigures and builds that feature EclipseGRAFX custom products and other custom elements we offer builders!


We Want to Hear from You!

We at EclipseGRAFX love to hear from our fans! We especially enjoy feedback from fans with ideas they might have about what new products they’d like to see from EclipseGRAFX next. If you’d like to reach out and let us know what minifigs, bricks, or kits you’d like to see from EclipseGRAFX, you can send us a message on the Contact Us page. You can also check our Events page to see where you might be able to meet us in-person!